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American breakfast: Chocolatey chip Pancake easy as 123 RECIPE

Hello beauties, short post today...special for Sunday ...I wanted to share this yummy, super easy pancake recipe...actually I encounter this somewhere on the net..but can't remember where...and I improvise a bit to make it easier and tastier...which is more fats.More fats means tastier..LOL

How bout a lil' bit history lesson today? Pancake has been existed years before us even on ancient Greek era, however, they didn't called it pancake. Pancake name only known in 1400s among English people. Today, they also called it hotcake and flapjack...

This recipes is suitable for any time of meal, kinda like snack to's really fluffy, I promise.
All you need is

2 bowls1 fork or whip spoonSifterFrying panFrying spoonCup

Combine in a cup

1 cup milk1 teaspoon vinegar
and set for 3- 5 minutes

Dry ingredients:

1 cup flour1 teaspoon salt1 teaspoon baking powder1 teaspoon baking soda1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (optional)4 table spoon icing sugar
Sift them all up

Wet ingredients:

1 table spoon…


Hello beauties, it took me forever to post this out because honestly I'm slightly disappointed getting this..I've never tried vanity trove before but I heard good reviews on I figured I would like to try them out...and what month could be better to try than Christmas month which I thought would be extra something...and as you know...I love instead of choosing what's in it...I let vanity trove to decide...So...shall we see what's in the box??

I leave no surprise element on this post because I'm quite not so happy with it...and you should know why at the end of this post ya...
Antipode Joyful hand and body lotion as I mentioned before...Got this also in a beauty box...I ♡ the smell...if you love berries smell...this would be it..the product by Skinlab is something I love...As usual, it gives you feeling of smoothness on application..
Again, something that I have got before in a beauty box...I also love this serum...but packing in a sachets is so…

Tammy's Birthday @ Haagan Dazs, Soho KL

Hello Beauties! I know I'm sooo overdue to post about's just working for 8days non-day off seems a bit tiring, stressful and time consuming. Especially working like me...we don't have time to sit's always on the move...sometimes I hate having to work like this but as I take it positively...I learn to love my job for better or for worst..

Oh ya...I can't believe that this is my first post for 2014....9 days and only I have a blog sorry girls...I never stop thinking of you...:p Anyway....on the 1st of January 2014 I've attended the party of the year! A way to kick start 2014...It's +Tammy Lim Birthday Party!! yeay!! she's turning 20something or 30something...I'm not sure and will not ask...because you know how some girls get a little bit sensitive with issues of me...hehe...but honestly, she looks younger than ever...

(Look how adorable she is)
Since, it's her bday...I think it's fair if this blog post …