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[OOTD]Colour coordinate hijab style

Good day!

Happy Thursday! 
Thank you for dropping by, today post is an OOTD post. Hope you like it. 
Since now the trend of colour coordinate is up back so i thought of sharing with u guys my colour coordinate OOTD.

I am a fan of dull colour such as nude colour as u can see above coz dull colour give you the innocent  look and  make u look as if like a very soft person (which i dont think i am). So here are the things i wear;
1.hijab: RM10 downtown  2. Kimono wrap - MIM(Made It Myself) 3.palazo from +Calacara Boutique 4.heels wedges : XES shoes 5. Watch: +Obaku Denmark Watches
Hope you like it! See you on next post! Bye for now. Kisses. 

US Election.

Special post for today because it is US Election day between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. 

Clinton got 228 and Trump got 276 that makes the new president for US is officially goes to Donald Trump. Although i dont live there but I can feel the fear that people there should be feeling. I really don't understand how Trump can lead the votes whereby in social media i can't t find even 1 positive comments about him, or even in the tv the people booed at him, how is it possible? I believe everything happen for a reason. If its all a lie, we will know eventually. Just hoping for the best in the future for US.
Dear American-Muslim, be strong. Stay strong. Fight for what is right. Dont give up.


Perodua Axia SE 1.0

Good Day,

Happy Wednesday. 
Regards the tittle above, today post will be a bit boyish coz i wan to review on the Perodua Avia SE 1.0. 
Before that i just wan to mention that I know since i have taken oven this blog, i dont do much on makeup review, which i know most of you guys wan to read on makeup review.  Honestly, i dont own much of makeup to do review on however comment down below the product that you personally wan me to do a review on. I will do my very best to get the product and review just for you. 
Okey lets get back to the main review for today. 
Note: Im still a normal women which only can review on what she see and feel, the engine and all...... truly apologies in advance, i have no idea about the engine and all that hidden. TQ
Perodua is known with hunchback car, the most popular car for Perodua is Myvi where you can see until now Myvi still selling at any Perodua. Axia is actually a replacement of Viva (what i hear la). Viva is 1.0 whereby Axia also the same. but in te…