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so i know all of u properly heard the news about the MH370 flight is missing. if u haven't, just open the news or any social media. it is all around the news, twitter, facebook and so on.
on early Saturday, the flight lost contact with the air traffic. till now the flight is still missing.
sometimes things like this we take it lightly, why? because there no one in the flight that we know. imagine we had to come home everyday from work and not going to see our love ones again.? that is our greatest fear rite? while others can still play around about nonsense.

lets pray for the passenger in the MH370. a little pray can help a lot.

quote of the entry: "begin to weave and god will give you the thread" - German Proverb

Women's Day; Ikal mayang

Hello readers!   I dont know either im late or not. I dont care! I still wanna wish
happy women day! Women day is everyday not just a day rite girls?
So how do u spend ur women day? Shopping? Hangout with la girls?
My day are spent very well! Thankyou to Citi Bank, and also GSC for free movie pass for Ikal Mayang. and not to forget my friend, which is known as iqa too the one that invite me, THANKYOU!

Ikal Mayang is actually not a movie. Or atleast i think it is not. Or i just super confius. In ikal mayang it have more than 10 short film. And all of it, are about women. Well it is women's day rite?
I remember one short film called khalilah, i think laa.. i really have short memory. It is about a girl nowadays. Always wakeup late, cannot cook, cannot cut onion without crying. I actually remember this short film because....... i can relate.... 
after the movie finish showing, it also have a Q&A session. All the producers came to answer our question. But most importantly is that …

Massive Brushes Haul & Beauty Online Shop Experiences Bad & Good

HELLO Beauties, Happy Friday!......TGIF,SO Let's cuci mata with a haul of mine...Yes, this month I went crazy with brushes...the story behind this is a long bear with me... I've been eyeing on Real Technique brushes for the longest time...Since, it cause quite a rave, it went into Malaysia market real quick...Sadly went it came in store, it would cost double the charges including tax. Even online shop charges inappropriate amount of price for brushes. I decided to search for the best price sold over the net and found one online shop that sells this brushes the cheapest. Sadly, the online shop only accept credit card which I clearly don't have. Having credit card will only makes me spend more n more. So one day, my wish is about to came true when a friend of mine offered combined shipping for online order.
I was so happy and agree to it...3 months had gone by, still no news from the company..So my friend decided to contact the company. They replied in a week and s…


Hello Spartanians!
I know I promise u girls a haul post...but that one gonna have to wait...there's a lot of things I need to put in the post...and I hate posting something without double checking...Especially wrong spelling, false statement and out of place bear...bare with me...
I know it 2am...but I need to share with you my day today... Thanks to beloved got a pair of ticket to see 300: Rise of an empire...of course you've heard of it...its the sequel...Remember the battle between Spartans the shirtless and Persia?...correct me if I'm wrong...but I never seen the first one...Why? Simple because I don't bother to see muscle man goes shirtless...I'm a nurse..what do you think I do for living? LOL..
So, call me lame, but this is my first time seeing shirtless men in's the movie? I guess for a not total fan of action movie...this movie is nice...considering all the 3D effect of rain splash, blood splash and sword fighti…

Bag of Love, Love is in the...bag, Anniversary bag 2014 + Men's edition BOL

Hello Beauty! Happy SUNDAY! I bet everyone is having the time of their life.Not for me though..No no..I'm working again..It's tiring...but when you came home and found a lovely package containing beauty goodies, your tiredness straight away went away and excitement strikes in.

I felt like this week has been a lucky week...having so many beauty products came's my love to love!
Before I continue on my haul of Bag Of Love, I wanna say...thank a lot lot lot lot of lemons for choosing me as the winner of Bag Of Love JAN, FEB, MARCH and Men's Bag! I just can't get enough of it....You probably know by now my obsession towards Bag of Love are to the extend of buying in 'pokai' bankrupt mode. Yes, I am that kind of girl...SHOPAHOLICS. So as I got extra bag, I am currently still contemplating whether to give it to my sis, or make a giveaway or add as a beauty swap...decisions decisions..
Oh well, let just move on...This month's bag is super special as all…