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Hello Kitty and Beauty stuff

Hello yg gojes lagi cantik dan comel! Today is a random post of mine where I share my memorable moment with Supermodel's secrets video making . If you've seen their insta and also my IG, I have posted this video of me showing of the teeth whitening product.

Well, I think Supermodel's secrets did a really great job capturing and editing the video as I was so awkward that day.  I'm officially going to be slowing down on being a beauty blogger since I'm planning for my wedding this year. It's such a sad decision to do that, but I don't think I can keep up having to review products and stuff. Well, I am still going to do blogging just not as much and certainly not so much on beauty...I might be sharing my wedding journey anytime soon though. Although 6 months might seems like a lot of time to be planning, I doubt it would go smoothly if I just sat quietly for it to happen. Enough about me, Today I specifically wanted to share my experience in Supermodel's …