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Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Hello Movie Lover! its me again, miss me?  okey yesterday 27 dec 2013 nuffnang

bag of love! DEC!

hello my dearbeautiful reader! so how ur holiday? just okey? exciting? or just simply exhausting like mine? even though it is my semester break, i still have to work at my last work place. because they miss me too much. or as they said "they are short of staff?"  knowing they miss me too much, i have to work. because the doc himself personally call and ask for me to come to work. 
enough about my boring life. so i just got my 1st bag of love!!! yeyyy! for me <3 and kakak ask me to do the review for this dec bag. so i cant say no to her. but i do it my way. since i love to do everything in video form. and instagram video is so amazing so.... this entry will be full with video!  u can also follow me on instagram at @yanarusli i just love update everything there.

okey first thing first! dont u think this december bag is super duper gorgeous?  at first i am sad because i miss the november bag, but after Miss A post the bag for the dec, i just cant wait to receive it. i also …