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Shopping for a Supermodel's Secret?

Hello beauties!! This is just another short post which I'm excited to post about!!

Ever dream of having a beauty gadget that limitedly available in your place especially Malaysia or too lazy and have no time to search for hottest beauties supplies YET price worthy guaranteed??

Today, I would like to tell you a secret....well not really...because this online shop are soo popular that it's not a secret anymore to be elegant like a supermodel!!

Meet the founder of this secret shop..Isn't she beautiful? She's definitely what defines beauty inside out! You have to read her story here!

She's very humble and experiences a lot of hardship and through that, she become stronger ,she's really inspiring! and with that,
Do visit and like and follow! Wha…

Butterfly Project School X Natta Cosme Chapter:ONE

Hello beauties! I'm sooooooooo excited to do my homework today because I'm now part of a proud kindergarten kids of Butterfly Project School :) It's been a great journey so far as a beauty blogger! I always love all beauties and now I'm part of a fabulous community ;) I've always admire the founder of Butterfly Project! She's one super duper woman!
She always said she's a shy girl but passionate to share with others what she's out and about and viola! The Butterfly Project was born!

Enough about them, you can definitely click on the link to know more!
Moving on to the main agenda! The beautiful proud butterflies collaborate themselves with Natta Cosme to create this genius school for blogger...Oh my..It was my lucky day because I get to join in! Before this project, I already had reviewed Natta Cosme Products on my blog which you can click here&…