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[OOTD]Ootd guysss

Hi people. Happy Thursday!

I feel so bad at being soo lazy for yesterday post. So today i make it up by sharing my 2 type of looks; Shawl: handmade myself. Dress: my sister's Ever since i been posting i came to realise that i always used my sister's stuff, i am such a good little sister lah. kn? Eh. Iloveu sis. Crop jeans jacket: Rome for Rm120 kot. (Got it when i was 17y/o) And yes still fit me nicely. Highfive 17y/o me🙏🏼 And flats. "Less is more"
Another one, same day, diff outfit, same mirror.
My kind of looks for gym. Yes i do go to the gym. Sometimes. I have really bad time management.  Oh you guys can get this at h&m Shirt: RM79.90 Pants: RM89.90
I only manage to get the shirt doooo. Im so sad. I will come back for u beautiful pants! Oh guys, if you going to the gym wear ur sport shoes. Forgive me this is how girls in the fitting room be like💁🏼Duhhh.

Till we meet again next Wednesday and Thursday?

Have you register?

hello Malaysian!

Do you know that this 30 Sep is the last day for u to register?
If you are 21 and above, or this is the 1st time for you to vote you need to register 1st.  How you can do that is by walk-in to any post office bring your ic and the process take 2-3minutes only. Bare in mind that you not the only person so be very patient to wait for your turn. Its our responsibility to vote right? Anyhow its the country we live in so....
Have u register? I have! Although its take like forever but i have! So go register mow!

See my number and the number serving... 119 je. Equal to 2 hours of waiting... demi negara tercinta.
Terima Kasih Akk and Abng post office. 
Kite menunggu pon penat apa tah lagi yg sedang berkerja kn?
Ohh yayahh❤️ Tq temankn kitee.
💋  YR