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{cafe REVIEW} Chilling and Lepaking minum coffee best kat Wanderlust

Hello! Like I said, memang makin lembap sikit I nk blogging but surely, kalau ada masa I akan cuba share few things important in my life. Few days back I ada share something about travelling kan? So, basically, cafe kali nie was inspire by the joy and passion of travelling and it literally called Wanderlust.

Nampak simple je the exterior memang spot on dengan konsep yang owner die going for. Simple and just nice for chilling. Even the music yang dimainkan is kind of soft ballads and acoustic even a little bit of jazz. Sekarang ni banyak cafe compete untuk buat cafe mereka lebih selfie- freindly. Kalau korang masuk the cafe korang akan dapat feeling2 peaceful untuk tak segan2 tangkap gambar.

According to the owner, dia suka travelling and chilling. Bila cakap pasal chilling, mesti significant dengan coffee. Beliau berhasrat untuk jadikan her cafe known for the drinks.

Korang akan amazed dengan the way barista die buat air. Well, semestinya teruja sebab memang barista yang buat air tu men…

LivYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mak

hai pretty! 
Ever since i started my practical at SKSA, everyday is a tanning day. Even if i don't want it. 80 days there, 80 days i never wanted a tanning day.  But im not the type that care so much to avoid sun. I never think that a 5 minutes walk from class to teacher room can give me tanned skin. But if everyday 5 minute tanned for 80 days, so..... The last day of school is the worst of it all.  Sports Day. At UPM. Back from Sport day,  my face...... burn baby burn! and the tiredness of school and work load are just obviously shown on my face. 
Lucky, i got livYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mask to the rescue! What is livYoung? Who is livYoung? livYoung is a company that offer from health food to skin care you name it. what is good for you livYoung has it. Dafi is the official JEFI & livYoung's Corporate Ambassador. so do you wan to LiYoung? visit their website to know more maybe? @
okay back to the livYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mask it isenriched…