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so recently, i went to my dear friend's open house and she show me this clip on fish-eyes lens. That something like this,  I also got to try the clip to my phone.  See how beautiful the picture become using the fish-eye lens? Atleast i think it is.  i instantly love it when i got to try it for myself! Before this i actually have put my eyes on it. But everybody doesnt support me to buy it, they keep saying i wont used it and so on bla bla blaa.. But when i got to see for myself i was so determine to buy it. My dear friend said she can buy for me for only rm60, but i was so stubborn and wanted to buy it by myself, so i search thro google fish-eyes lens clip and found at  which is only for rm50. Without making any research whether this website can be trust or not i just buy it. I buy it on 25august2013 till now 1september2013 i still didt receive it. But at the website said that i have to wait for 30days. So i guess i just have to wait... If in the future i receive it w…

Cosmobox August Merdeka from BOXCULTURE.

Hello Beautiful people, first of all, thank you so much for taking your time to read my blog and see what I wanted to share. I just love sharing things that I'm passionate about. And to me that is what 'Merdeka' all about. Sharing things without boundaries and discrimination.

This is the first time I'm exploring Cosmobox same as the first time I'm reviewing Bag of Love and Modbox :)

This month Cosmobox's theme is, of course Independence Day, applying these theme, Cosmobox decided to highlight local products from cleanser to makeup tools.
So here's mine :) I've payed for it just two days before and it's just so amazingly fast delivered.

Do visit for your cosmobox only RM33!

As you can see, the box itself are exclusively gorgeous and when you open inside, you'll see this bright pink ribbon tied like a bow which is adorable.  So, What's inside?
Like, I said basically you'll get this wonderful local product and the most I&#…

My recent drugstore makeup haul :) Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express

Hi beautiful people,

Just a quick share, recently went to Guardian drugstore, they're doing a promotion on free Makeup Box for purchased above RM100 in a single receipt on makeup brands like Maybelline, Silkygirl, Loreal, SimpliCT and many more. And I just couldn't pass this great deal :)
Available in two colors. White and pink! and that is mine :)
They also doing Maybelline brand 56% discounts offer which I bought  The latest Rocket Volum' Express from MAYBELLINE sales for ONLY rm17.55. How could I resist it? It was selling like hot cakes everywhere. However, I also bought my favorite Silkygirl BigEye Collagen Mascara. Now let's compare :) What do you think? It says that Rocket Volum' Mascara's wand is specialize it preventing clumps. It does provides more volume than my Silkygirl mascara but the clumps? I' m just not sure yet. OVERALL SATISFACTION:♥♥♥OUT OF 5 Next I bought Maybelline color sensational lipstick in the shades of RedPorcelain. Love the pigmen…

Panasonic does 'wonder' Eyelash Curler

Hello beautiful people :)
I know I am probably too late to share this since it's launches so long time ago.
However, I want to share jugak :) because it's too good to be true.
I was like searching for this superb invention for long time,
Conventionally, I found Eyelash curler with either feature. Which is either heated curler which I have reviewed before- or just rotating curler or just manual curler.  But girls...this is combination of both! Works like magic :) I prefer curler over fake lashes because it's more natural looking for everyday outing or working.

I've found out about this product last year, but I couldn't bother to know more about it until recently.i then tried to search online store to buy this curler ASAP, but it was so limited stock. It's either too expensive or not in stock or overseas. and after a week of searching in the mall and online...I've finally own one for RM89.00. Yea…

Kawaii Kimmi Doll @ Hishop♥

Hello Beautiful Readers:)

Just a quick share..
Recently I bought another fragrance in Hishop.myby Bloop.

This is my second purchase of the same perfume with different scents! 
See my first purchase entry----->

I've been searching almost every corner of online beauty shop to buy this fragrance, frankly there's non easier access than
So, I decided to just buy it. Its affordable and worth buying!

In Hishop, it is available in five choices and even in miniature! I'm intending to collect all as it is so unbelievably cuteness! Do visit to own one! only RM129.00 OR the cute miniature at RM48.00.
(All descriptions of scents are courtesy of
Billie is a delightful fragrance with top notes of bergamot, raspberry & fig leaf. It then opens into the smell of cotton candy, lily of the valley & cherry blossom and ends with the sweet notes of musk, vanilla and white wood.
Millie is a delightfu…

Modbox - a RM9 Beauty Box

Hello beautiful readers,
This is also another short post since I didn't fully tried on the samples yet.
I bought a beauty box for only RM9. It is Modbox.
Modbox is another online beauty shop that offers brands like Cellnique, Crabtree & Evelyn, Claire Organics, Murad, and many more.
Click to see for yourself. and this is a sample box that you could buy only for RM9 + RM6 for postage and you will get 3 branded samples from 6 choices available. Since it so cheap, the samples sells like hot cake. So, you have to be fast.
I just want to highlight the afford that Modbox put into creating a box that is so simple and yet so personalize coolness with the pink flower paper and the special introduction card with your own name on it. It makes me felt like this is a special box meant for only me.
First sample I choose is... In the color of natural buff. Available in 7 shades, this samples came in 1g tub, can be use for weeks. You'll also get discounts if you're interested to buy t…