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[Event]Scent Maker Perfume

Every memory is a treasure, your own precious treasure.  
Good day! Happy Wednesday guys!  Today post will be introducing Scent Maker, which get me super excited as yesterday I went to the event it self which i have so much fun! oh and yes i love perfume so so much. quoted by Coco Chanel "A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future" its not entirely true but yaa i love perfume. 
Let me start by sharing you the story; its started with this one person that have a very good scent and love to make perfume. This person make perfume every time he feels happy, sad or any event that happen he will make a scent. Every perfume has its own story and that make it more special in every way.
Before i share with you guys the perfume itself. yesterday event was at Table 23; This is outside view of Table 23.
This is the inside view of the Table 23 and the event looked like.
Not to forget, Meet my handsome date for today. TQ little kid teman your big sister.
This is the guy by the nam…


HELLO BEAUTIES...How's your Monday so far?Mine was gloomy...but I feel like last week was a delivery week...Friday alone I've received packaging from Poslaju , GDex, Ta-q-bin and some other courier. Mail day was an exciting yet tiring day ,as you wait, you wonder will it come today or will it not..especially when you're working shift like me...and no one's're kinda hoping someone's would pick it up so you won't have to pick it up at the post office and ruin the whole exciting mood.. 4pm My bag of love was delivered..I thought delivery time was only around 8 to 2pm..After waiting, at 2pm I was already disappointed that my bag of love didn't came in...but then it did! Yeay! Thanks Mr.postman for delivering my box/bag, though it was a lil bit late..

Since the first bag of love I've subscribed in August, I'm always looking forward to the next one. Mimi always gives this sneak peek to what's going to be in the bag for the n…

Kawaii Kimmi Doll @ Hishop♥

Hello Beautiful Readers:)

Just a quick share..
Recently I bought another fragrance in Hishop.myby Bloop.

This is my second purchase of the same perfume with different scents! 
See my first purchase entry----->

I've been searching almost every corner of online beauty shop to buy this fragrance, frankly there's non easier access than
So, I decided to just buy it. Its affordable and worth buying!

In Hishop, it is available in five choices and even in miniature! I'm intending to collect all as it is so unbelievably cuteness! Do visit to own one! only RM129.00 OR the cute miniature at RM48.00.
(All descriptions of scents are courtesy of
Billie is a delightful fragrance with top notes of bergamot, raspberry & fig leaf. It then opens into the smell of cotton candy, lily of the valley & cherry blossom and ends with the sweet notes of musk, vanilla and white wood.
Millie is a delightfu…

Hishop shop!

Recently I was looking for some makeup supplies...I've been 'online window shopping' or shall we say browsing through
which by the way pronounce as 'hai-shop' or 'hi-shop' correcting myself because I've always pronounce it as heeshop...hihihi

These online store to me, is very interesting because it's like u went into the real merchant.. what's even more attracted me is that some brands are only available there, where i can't even find it in local drugstores or boutique .

So i was so excited to try purchasing and experience what it is all about...From hair to toe beauty products are available, u can also earn points from purchasing which later u'll get some discounts off. Plus FREE samples and FREE delivery..what more can u ask for?? U can even COD...

Since I've order it on Thursday, I've received my package on Friday. Prompt delivery is surely counted as plus feature for me...

I've ended up purchasing these babi…