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Every memory is a treasure, your own precious treasure.  

Good day!
Happy Wednesday guys! 
Today post will be introducing Scent Maker, which get me super excited as yesterday I went to the event it self which i have so much fun!
oh and yes i love perfume so so much. quoted by Coco Chanel "A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future" its not entirely true but yaa i love perfume. 

Let me start by sharing you the story; its started with this one person that have a very good scent and love to make perfume. This person make perfume every time he feels happy, sad or any event that happen he will make a scent. Every perfume has its own story and that make it more special in every way.

Before i share with you guys the perfume itself. yesterday event was at Table 23;
This is outside view of Table 23.

This is the inside view of the Table 23 and the event looked like.

Not to forget, Meet my handsome date for today. TQ little kid teman your big sister.

This is the guy by the name Stanley Wong that actually tell us the story which i find very interesting so i have to share it with u guys.

 And the best part is that i got to meet this pretty lady again, last time i  meet her at a makeup event. She super nice and not to mention super pretty too. She always make u feel so warm and nice. Hope to see her again sometimes soon. 

So lets get to the juicy part!

 "Crazy Love by Scent Maker "

The story behind Crazy Love by Scent Maker perfume is that the person is obviously are crazy in love at the time, but sadly he is not with the same girl anymore but he wan to remember the moment that he have with her by create this lovey smells which also my personal favorite 

"Laurel by Scent Maker"

There not much story behind Laurel by Scent Maker perfume but they show us a vid so i conclude myself that the story is where something sad happen but we still have to move on no matter what, the cycle of life. That is why the smell for Laurel is a fresh smell means fresh start. 

This is the table set up, at 1st i just thought its a decoration and obviously so pretty but after i smell Laurel by Scent Maker the set up is actually related. The smell for Crazy Love by Scent Maker is more like a rose kinna smell and Laurel by Scent Maker is fresh smells of Lime and Orange. 

This small bottle is the raw material they used for the perfume. Each one have its own unique smell.

On top of that, let give credit to this two person that have been walking a round and spread the lovely smells to us.

Yup i will end this post with me holding this bag that we get, and guess what inside? My own scent of memory to keep. yeayyy

Thank You Parkson Corporation Sdn. Bhd for the invitation. Hope to see you again?

#scentmakermy #scentmakerperfume 

ohh yaa my lovely readers, see you guys tomorrow? 

Good bye for now.



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