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Bag Of Love Busy Bees edition Nov 13!

Hello beauties! It's November! and it's going to be 2014 soon...I didn't even had any resolution completed and yet I feel blessed that suddenly I have been inspired to blog...I always love documenting my life...but never thought blogging would be it...
Moving right along...I have the BOL(Bag of Love)!! and this month BOL sells like hot cake like they always do! because of the bag and the what's going to be inside..This month BOL decided to go with the theme BUSY- BEES and I just loveee the bag design, when it arrived my mom had set her eyes on the bag...because she love it soo much I decided to give it to her though I love the bag too but because beauty is all about sharing , I just had to let it go...and furthermore, Busy Bees theme suits her well as she works, she cooks and she takes care of us even though I am already big enough...It's kinda nice to have someone looks after me;) Thank you mummy..

Presenting...the one and only BOL!!
Tadaaa!! Suit…

My Butterfly's Santa Hermo Christmas Wish List

Hello my friends, Butterflies!!
It's going to be December, and I bet some of you are excitingly preparing for a jolly month! I wish a Happy Day for you and Hohoho...

Have you girls wish for something beautiful this year? How bout browsing in Oh my oh my!I just go Gaga for everything in it! and Luckily for me...The Butterfly Project in collaboration with Hermo
are making your wish come trueeee.....;)
Just close your eyes, wish and blog about it! As I browse to, I couldn't decide to choose what to wish for because...there's a lot lot lot of things I wanted...but at last I'm choosing this one.. Click down there to know why... How about creating your own wish list or become a Santa yourself and give me presents because I've been nice this year;) is doing a special Christmas Sale girls!! Like thier FB page too... Did you k…