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I had a Blind date with Lilac Beauty Box October 2013! Love the Yes! Nurse? Hand Cream review!

Hello & Salam Beauties:) I'm wishing all Selamat Hari Raya, may everyday of our life full with happiness. I felt blessed since being a blogger, as you work hard to write a good post and somehow I felt rewarded for each of my sincere writing... Thanks a lot lot lot for reading, commenting and following or just visiting my blog. It's such a wonderful feelings to know each and everyone that I came to know out of blogging. It 's such a fun ride and I'm wishing to continue blogging till I couldn't type anymore :)..

First of all I'm congratulating JUNE M!! for winning in Hishop Mask Giveaway!!

I just love love surprises! and one of it would be the thrill of receiving and unboxing a beauty box! I have tried Bag of Love, Cosmobox, Modbox and Natta Cosme beauty bag. and Now, it is the turn for my special blind date with

Even their introductions make you excited about having a blind date!

'Oh, did we mention we put only premium products…