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Suri Hati Mr Pilot.

hi all! If you stop by this post because of the title, i believe u must have the same obsession as i am. Since today is the last episode of the most sweetest drama, i also want to post about it!
This is just my opinion. Honestly, a bit disappointing. The drama start off too good, and Neelofa and Fattah on social media was too sweet got me high expectation on the drama. The drama is not that wow, it is actually the idea we all have for Neelofa and Fattah to be together that made we get this obsession for this Drama. Neelofa is single, Fattah just broke up. So perfect right? Hate the drama, but so in love with this two. Fattah sye punya, walaupun Neelofa lg sesuai, Nak jugk! Hey anyone that already read the book, is the drama reach your expectation?
ohh yaa not to forget, I have to say thank you to the owner of this blog;
This week my shift is on the night shift, so i was unable to watch it live with my family, however this blog never failed to upload every epi…