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First time naik KTMB dan last time jumpe tokwan

Hello! Assalammualaikum.. Hari nie mmg I saje nak buat blog post random memandangan dah berhabuk blog I ni.. Thank you bnyk2 kalau sudi lagi singgah blog nie walau xde ap yg mampu dihidangkn. Kalau bace tajuk mesti korang nak ckp kecoh je minah ni nk cerita psl first naik kereta api. Eh biarla...jakun naik kete api..seumur hidup xpernah naik kot.
So, bagi yg jakun jugak macam I or first time nak naik kereta api, mehla nk share skit pengalaman naik kereta api. Untuk pengetahuan korang, cara nak beli tiket KTM nie ad 2 cara. 1) Korang boleh terus pegi kaunter and beli tiket. Tapi tak semua kaunter jual tiket KTM and lagi satu tiket KTM selalu cepat habis bagi seat2 yang murah. So better terus pakai cara no .2 sbb boleh biat kat mane2 2) Beli tiket online. Daftar free and boleh pilih seat and plan trip korang.
Untuk method no 2, lepas dah bank in, korang akan dapat terus tiket. Tiket tu perlu di printkan atau tunjuk pkai phone canggih2. 
Tiket tu time duduk2 conductor KTMB datang cek da…

Kisah pertemuanku dgn seorng ibu yg ditinggl sekangkang kera dibumi asing

Bagi sesiapa yang sudi baca kisah yang pnjang berjela nie jadiknlah kisah nie sbagai pengajaran dan kalau x sanggup nak baca skalipun, Mohon doakan makcik nie diberi keselamatan dan ketenagan hidup dunia dan dlm keadaan nak hujan terpaksa drop makcik nie sbb xpandai nk bawak jln jauh...moga makcik selamat sampai ke rumah..
Makcik nie dtg melawat ank die dlm keadaan yg xupaya, tercungap2 setelah ditanya rupanya die terpaksa jln kaki, naik bas, tukar stesen LRT pelik dgn keadaan mcm tu takkan sorang ank pun x bole sy diamkan...takdir Allah, hati terdetik nk offer tumpangkn blk separuh jalan pada makcik nie..
Memandangkn anaknye lama di wad, banyak brg2 perlu pun pesan pd makcik tu minta ank2nye yg lain belikan...makcik tu nampk berat hati nk ckp apa2 psl anak2nya yg lain...tibe2 bergenang air mata...dalam hati, sy fikir mungkin mereka hidup susah...satu pesanan SMS masuk lepas makcik tu minta tlg anak die beli brg..oleh kerana pandangan ma…

{TOP 5 tips and items} Confessions of an online shopaholics

Hello! I have a confession to make..or you already know? I'm kind of a borderline online shopper addict..If you have read my past entry, I just love to buy stuff at bargain price..especially online...sometimes shopping online is much easier and soo much cheaper yet fussy free. My boyfriend on the other hand is a 'see it to believe it' kind of shopper. Hence, he's against me buying stuff online but he just doesn't know the wonders of online window shopping. For you boys out there whom are exactly like my boyfriend, try to look on a bright side; you should be relieved that your girlfriend is an online shopper instead of a shopping mall shopper because (I just came up with few logic reason) a) It's safer especially compared to shopping in an area that are so many robbery and bad people b) It's fuel saving. Just think about having to drive over here and there and also being stuck in jam c) It's kind of less distracting, If you're the type of guy who hate w…

{GADGET REVIEW + PHOTOS} Economical version perfect selfies cam: Altek Cubic Camera

Hello awesome! It's been awhile...I know....but thank you so much for your time to visit It means a lot to me. I've been into gadgets lately and I'm dying to share this awesome gadget. I kind of taking a chance on this gadget since there's not so much review out there on this gadget. Basically, this gadget is China made gadget (I think), it's like a cheaper alternative for a selfies camera if you're heard of Sony smart lens or the Hero action camera. It's a camera lens which connected to your smart phone and enable you to take photo with your phone. The cool thing about this is that no more timer needed and you could take photos by view on your phone and with just one click from afar.
This cute Altek cubic camera is smaller compared to smart lens but works almost as good. Inside the box they've included everything you need. Do watch my youtube video to see my unboxing of this altek cubic and also a demo on it. Apologies in advanced fo…

{RANDOM HAUL} Cheap beauty gem: Power perfect pore, Anti- wrinkle massager and ETC

Hello pretty awesome! Today I'm gonna share a little beauty spa hack.. I'm not a big fan of facial spa cause it's rather troublesome when I have to book appointment, spend money on it, spend time on it and sometimes even gets really frustrated with the result.
Hence, I decided to search far and wide for beauty equipment that works exactly like in the spa..WITH a TIGHT BUDGET as the main criteria. When I mention far and wide, I'm just saying searching in few online shop which I think pretty decent to shop at like, Qoo10 and of course, Lazada. I even went to my favorite bargain store Mr. DIY. If you're smart enough, you'll shop there too cause they sell crazy stuff with such bargain price!
On my quest, here's a few that I'm able to buy and brief opinion on each of them. Here's a question.. How much do you think I bought all this?

Yup, not more than RM200!
 This multifunction face massager is around RM60. There are many cheap massager brand …