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[Event] Must try Nescafe Tarik.

Good day and happy Wednesday people!

So are you a fan of mamak Nescafe Tarik? Coz if you do... Good News! Now you can get Nescafe Tarik literally anytime, anywhere and everywhere. Like Seriously. The best part is it taste exactly the same and it came in a can so convenient right?
Honestly, i tried it once and simply love it!

NOT SPONSORED! just being honest. 

oh wait!
got to say Thank you Syaza teman saya. ohh click on her name to see her beautiful blog!

Nescafe had throw us challenges to Nescafe Tarik wherever we go, and we have prove to you guys that we can. We done 6 challenges and we actually won. 1st place. yeay to my team! 

Lets meet my team mate,
from the right: Nuar, Zuan, Otemen and obviously perempuan mane tah.
Do visit these boys blog, they have way awesome blog than me. Click on their name to see their blog.
Okey before i share all the goodness, let's play a game with me while you scrolling and reading, find all the Nescafe Tarik tin can that we held and comment down b…