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hi dolls! 
now you can officially shop at ! Shopping made easy for you!

for those that still dont know this emergency beauty kit had also upgraded their box! from just a cute paper box to more and improve hard box with magnet! so now you can bring the box anywhere with you! 
Here a bit of Who? What? or even Huh? Shoppinkboxcereal? pinkboxcereal? ha?
It is founded by Malaysian influencer, Shafiqah Shafie or people known her at social media by the name @pinkboxcereal. Shoppinkcereal was initially created in Aug 2016 at instagram to cater to her followers' demand for beauty products that specifically chosen and worn by Pinkboxcereal herself
Shoppinkbxcereal is the first to produce an Emergency Beauty Kit in Malaysia, in which customer can order different beauty products from slelected local and international brands available on the site to be packed inside the #emergencybeautykitbox.

Following the success of shoppingboxcere…

BLOGGING 101 with Bag Of Love Halloween Edition! X The Butterfly Project.

Hello Beauties!! I hope it's not too late to post another unboxing/ unzipping beauty box/bag.
As you guys probably can tell... I have been subscribing and falling in love with Bag of Love from the first time I ever done beauty box (my first love). After knowing the thrill of getting beauty box with Bag of Love, I always wanted to search for a better one..and honestly, I didn't find any that could top of Bag of Love!True story!

Click to see my previous unzipping Bag of Love Happy Edition Bag of Love Travel Edition
It is because, I love bags and the item that we'll be getting is always new and exciting. To compare, every beauty box I've subscribed will include the same brand from another beauty box company, I'm not sure if there is any related link between beauty boxes but Bag of Love always shows uniqueness that I love soo much in their item. Plus, I have mentioned before, I just admired the founder for this bag and the story behind this bag makes it even valuable to …

Butterfly Project School X Natta Cosme Chapter:ONE

Hello beauties! I'm sooooooooo excited to do my homework today because I'm now part of a proud kindergarten kids of Butterfly Project School :) It's been a great journey so far as a beauty blogger! I always love all beauties and now I'm part of a fabulous community ;) I've always admire the founder of Butterfly Project! She's one super duper woman!
She always said she's a shy girl but passionate to share with others what she's out and about and viola! The Butterfly Project was born!

Enough about them, you can definitely click on the link to know more!
Moving on to the main agenda! The beautiful proud butterflies collaborate themselves with Natta Cosme to create this genius school for blogger...Oh my..It was my lucky day because I get to join in! Before this project, I already had reviewed Natta Cosme Products on my blog which you can click here&…


HELLO BEAUTIES...How's your Monday so far?Mine was gloomy...but I feel like last week was a delivery week...Friday alone I've received packaging from Poslaju , GDex, Ta-q-bin and some other courier. Mail day was an exciting yet tiring day ,as you wait, you wonder will it come today or will it not..especially when you're working shift like me...and no one's're kinda hoping someone's would pick it up so you won't have to pick it up at the post office and ruin the whole exciting mood.. 4pm My bag of love was delivered..I thought delivery time was only around 8 to 2pm..After waiting, at 2pm I was already disappointed that my bag of love didn't came in...but then it did! Yeay! Thanks Mr.postman for delivering my box/bag, though it was a lil bit late..

Since the first bag of love I've subscribed in August, I'm always looking forward to the next one. Mimi always gives this sneak peek to what's going to be in the bag for the n…