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{REVIEW} CHOCOLATE FOAM! Chocolate that won't make you fat

Hi pretty!
Are you a chocolate lover? Have you ever felt like you can't live without chocolate? or a day without chocolate is like a day without sun?
If you do, I have the answer for you! and this chocolate is good for you.
Why? -the smell will make you very happy. -it is good for your skin. 
It have 7 function system. 1.Pore Care 2. Dead Skin Cell 3. Trouble Care 4. Make Up Remover 5. Sebum Oil Control 6. Skin Improvement 7. Moisturizing. Nutrient and also,  -it wont make you fat! trust me!
Ohh yaa, it is not for eating purpose. It is a cleansing foam for your skin.  This is the Zamian Clear Foam Cleansing. It smells like chocolate. It taste like? I'm not sure. I won't dare to taste though.
It even look like a chocolate. But please girls, or guys, don't eat it. Bare your self!
but when u apply it, it will became soapy and so nice.
I've been using it now for 3 weeks I guess. so far, there's no bad dramatic reaction. I do love it. because after applying it I can feel that …

{REVIEW} Yummy chocolate for your face

Well, hello there pretty awesome! Salam.
I've been dying to review this for the longest time cause this is like my favorite type of sweets in the world.  Guess what? It's chocolate..  If you were to choose only one sweets to exist in the world would it be chocolate? Cause it would be my choice.
So here,s a fun mask that for all chocolate lovers. Another Korean most talk about beauty product called
Zamian Gold Cacao Mask. Yup, you heard me Gold and Chocolate all in one mask. Yummy right? Contain 99.9 gold powder,aloe extract, cacao powder, collagen. I can't tell you how amazed I knowing the ingredients inside. The combination of gold and chocolate makes me excite even my sister and mom gets excite and we had a little facial party using this mask. When it spreads you can see that gold shimmery mix with chocolate.
How to?
Put a good amount of chocolate on the back of your palm. Sorry for that sleepy face.
 Use hands or brush to spread it out.
Wait for 10 - 20 minutes while doin…

American breakfast: Chocolatey chip Pancake easy as 123 RECIPE

Hello beauties, short post today...special for Sunday ...I wanted to share this yummy, super easy pancake recipe...actually I encounter this somewhere on the net..but can't remember where...and I improvise a bit to make it easier and tastier...which is more fats.More fats means tastier..LOL

How bout a lil' bit history lesson today? Pancake has been existed years before us even on ancient Greek era, however, they didn't called it pancake. Pancake name only known in 1400s among English people. Today, they also called it hotcake and flapjack...

This recipes is suitable for any time of meal, kinda like snack to's really fluffy, I promise.
All you need is

2 bowls1 fork or whip spoonSifterFrying panFrying spoonCup

Combine in a cup

1 cup milk1 teaspoon vinegar
and set for 3- 5 minutes

Dry ingredients:

1 cup flour1 teaspoon salt1 teaspoon baking powder1 teaspoon baking soda1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (optional)4 table spoon icing sugar
Sift them all up

Wet ingredients:

1 table spoon…

Super Easy Sour Cream Choc Cupcake and baking tips.

Hello beautiful people:)

Today is a quick share day for all the sweet tooth out there. I'm always a sweet tooth kind of person. Love chocolate especially the dark ones. My other favorite things to love aside from makeup is always baking.
When you able to bake something delicious and beautiful to be look at and eat, it's kind of satisfaction especially sharing the moment with your loves one.
Yesterday, I decided to try out  a recipe which I found on this website : Sour Cream Chocolate Cupcakes

Basically , the recipes on the website are the same , I just add a little bit of chocolate chip to it.  and I decided to make it in a simpler form so it is easy for you girls to follow if you ever wanted to try this recipe out. I really really recommending this if you're in a hurry to make one and wanted a super moist, creamy chocolaty cupcake or you're just an amateur baker like me :) Along with these I'll be sharing few tips that I learn through expe…