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{EVENT} XES A jolly Rock and Glam party

Hello pretty awesome! How's your day? Mine was work, work and work! I'm so tired but I try my best to fill life with more memories... If you follow me through Instagram, I have posted a saying by Katie Piper 'Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away'
Why make work as an obstacle for you to fill your life with memories? The day that XES party happening, I'm on my second night shift day, I had two hours of sleep and straight away went to XES Christmas party with my sis and after the awesome event I went straight away to work again. And not only I had so little sleep and rest time, I have to work my ass off at work even though it shouldn't be like that. I'm just speechless on how wear off I am with work. I have so little holiday and so little rest time. Wish I could just have more fun.
Anyway, I always enjoyed a day with XES. and this time, it's about celebrating togetherness. We didn't get much…

{GIVEAWAY ENDED}Win Loreal White Perfect Total 10; A friendship tag*Dwibahasa AND THE WINNERS ARE....

Hello again! We wanna thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support given..Never thought that this giveaway is going to be a success...but We're glad that we have you girls for support..

So thank you so so much again! We've read each and every comment and felt pretty much rainbows all's super hard to choose cause we love all of them...sigh...

So sorry for not able to choose everyone...but we love your comments thanks
Loretta, Tam Nyet, Aida, Princess Sya, Princess Kenit, Pinku, Yvonne, Merry Phang, Lim, Jenn, Tiong, Jan, Nicole, Sinyee, Bobo, Elliot, Clarence, Natalie, Sherry, Ayi, Bella, Hayley, Pui Kwan, William, Leong, Lee Mee, Angela and Milan...

Phew..we felt like mentioning every participants as a token of appreciation;) Do keep on supporting us

Without further's our 5 pairs of lovely bff's that won!

drum roll please...
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Congratulations you girls!  Clarence Thew & Natalie Ta…

{Event & Review} Loreal White Perfect Total 10 Tea Party @ Chill X, 1Utama

Hello pretty awesome! We can't believe it's already pass a week of Ramadhan. How fast time flies. Just before Ramadhan, we had been invited by Cassie from Loreal for a tea party. Thanks Cassie! and it's not just a tea party, of course, it's the day we discovered Diana Danielle secret. Her skin doesn't need that much makeup and yet she looks stunning. We arrived a little bit late honestly because it's an unusual Saturday traffic jam. We can't figure out why it's too much jam that day.. Skipping the unimportant part, we safely arrived at Chill X, 1Utama.
Never knew there's a chill X spot there as well. We have to say that blogging is a way for us to experience new place same as knowing new beauty product in town. So ya, of course we gonna have fun. As we enter, there's a photo booth waiting for us. Well, camwhorring is our favorite pastime. Mira showing her skill on poses.  They held a photo contest on that day too. Since, it's a perfect 10 p…