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{ANNOUNCEMENT} Winner for Natta Cosme Cerro Qreen Brush!

Hi girls! Remember this email?? 
"We apologized for the delay in announcing the winner. It was extremely hard for us to choose as we hate choosing winner. However, we got to do what we got to do. But we decided to keep the 2 winners of Cerro Qreen brushes a secret until they've been contacted by Natta Cosme. Surprise surprise.
There's more...since Natta Cosme wanted only 2 names for the winner, we feel bad for the others that didn't win so we decided to send a little token of appreciation our self. As we use our own money to provide this gift, it might just be small...but hope you'll love it. So if you're not winning, expect gift from us."
"some may already received their gift.for the winner, you will also received gift from us and by that gift mail, you will know that you're the winner....for every one that has received the gift, we really appreciate if you could take the time to upload a picture of it to our fb page…

{REVIEW} Cerro Qreen makeup brushes @NattaCosme +Marilyn Monroe inspired makeup tutorial.

Hello beauties! How's your day??Me? I'm sick...but I couldn't think of any other way to spend my sick day than to write up a post...Blogging is actually somehow a therapy..where you sit down and think properly what you write about...and after a long hours of picture editing, thinking, searching and typing, publishing would be so much more rewarding...'m excited to post this up...3 days ago, it was my birthday...and I'm so happy and feel loved that my sis bought me a Sephora Makeup Academy Palette which I will do a review soon! but today...Let me introduce you to a makeup brushes Cerro Qreen. This post are so much fun as I decided to do makeup on my sis using all the Cerro Qreen brushes. I always love makeup but didn't have the guts to do makeup on anyone else beside myself...even some of my friend do ask me to do their makeup...and I will always refused..However, I wanna challenge myself and hopefully I could be a part time makeup artist in the ne…