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Fun and safe with Dettol; pH Balanced Bodywash

Hello pretty awesome! How's your day? I'm just going to jump right into the story today.. I bet you already know what's Dettol? Even my grandparents know about Dettol. Dettol has been known to the world earlier than the 1950s...It's like ages and ages ago. No wonder it's a brand everyone trusted. Through years of being around, Dettol has evolved to meet current needs. I even use Dettol in washing my working uniforms to make sure my uniforms are safe to be wear. Dettol has always in the frontline in fighting the merge of harmful germs like MRSA, E- coli, Hepatitis A and many more. Don't get me started on all the unseen germs that I potentially encounter working. Working as a healthcare provider, I get really paranoid with germs. I had to admit after 3 years working in intensive care unit, I have become an OCD person when it comes to hand washing. How couldn't I? I've seen so many patients died from infection and day by day, it's getting more and more…