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PKNS Bangi Food Truck!

Hi Food Lover!
This week had been super tiring. Had to run to Bangi to KL to Cheras and to his heart lagi. Eh.
The month of December i'll be at PKNS Bangi to take care of the English booth. Oh yaa Hi Bangi people! We are doing English Program for Primary, Secondary and also Adult, If you are interested come and join us with minimum deposit of RM50 only! Yeay? Nay? Let's decide together at the booth? Out booth just in front of the KFC. Come say hi!
Let's get to the point! I know nowadays theres alot of Food Truck hangout place like Tapak Urban Street Dining whice have been viral at instagram and everyone just want to hangout there. Since i been at Bangi these past 2 to 3 days i just know that Bangi also have Food Truck hangout place, which kinna make me excited to share with u guyss!

Come laa visit and hangout with me?

Happy weekend!

{JOM JALAN JUMAAT} MAHA Fair 2016. Lebih meriah dari dulu.

Salam, Hi..mesti kebanyakkan makcik2 tgah kecoh psl MAHA fair atau nama penuhnya Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism fair (jgn tanya apa bende Horticulture tu) Basically, ia merupakan event tahunan bagi Malaysia khas memaparkan produk2 hasil tempatan terutama dalam bidang pertanian dan makanan.

Aritu sempat pegi jap dengan husben dan mak mertuaku. Tu pun decide last minit sebab memula ingat nk dating berdua je. Tapi memandangkan I da kenal husben bertahun2..tau sangat dia tak minat tempat camtu. Bawakla mak mertuaku untuk backup I gi sana. Tu first time my mother in law pegi and dia suka gila kiteorg bawak die g sana( so tips untuk menantu2 yang nk pikat hati mak mertua bawak la g MAHA fair)  Jagung 3 bungkus 10 hinggit only

 Keropok lekor upeh campuran serai atau bawang putih plus 3 sos spesel
Anyway...kali ni macam terlalu besar dan banyak tempat yang kena round kalau nak puaskan hati ke sana. Maybe kene 2hari 1malam baru habis round. Sekali parking RM5. Parking bany…

[OOTD] hijab style for night hangout.

Good Day!
Today OOTD post is my Outfit to the playboy event.
If you follow me on instagram i know u have seen this OOTD post and also The JacknJill event OOTD post, but today lets not get too greedy one OOTD for one post yaa? Stay Tune for next OOTD post on Thursday for the OOTD on JacknJill okey?

Theme: Casual. coz the event was at Zouk Club, KL.
Mustard Hijab : @downtown RM15. match with DIY cardigan from old pashmina, inner ofcoz and the most comfortable Wedges from XES. Bootcut Jeans: instashop @shirt_on_factory RM55
Thank You to the most annoying king that night for taking my picture. Which have to take hundreds of them because he just really bad at it but still Thank You and YOU! Yes You! that is reading my post, Thank You for dropping by. Hope to see you again on my next post?
Till we meet again.  Kisses. YR

RM500 for makeup? Seriously?

Good Day!
Eh hi we meet again i guess? but still Thank You for dropping by. (pretending people actually visit my lame blog) So sad. Life have to go on....

For those that love makeup RM500 is actually nothing for makeup. However for me...... i sucks at makeup, like seriously sucks that I never experience my makeup on fleek, it either too dark or too light, just never in between.

As promised on the last post that i will share with you guys on what i spent on the RM500 cash voucher for Parkson from Nescafe Tarik event but before you judge, just remember Im just like any other women that love makeup but dont actually makeup that much. So that's why i bought this, really! because its natural look and actually help in healing my ugly skin. (which actually need more than this, but this is good for now)
Things i bought; oh its only RM471.80 because I gave my friend RM100. I paid for both shizens first for RM389 and i got another RM50 voucher. Now Parkson are giving away voucher if you sp…

{Married Monday} Hantaran DIY bajet sederhana, Rezeki nak kahwin

Salam, Hello reader, InsyaALLAH.. setelah beberapa lamanya tinggal dunia blogging rasa I'm ready to be back. Rindu nak share pengalaman dan pengetahuan yang tak seberapa nih. Untuk Isnin kali ni I nak share how to jimat dalam hantaran kahwin dan akan datang, segala yang telah I lalui sewaktu kahwin akan I share kan di blog. InsyaAllah..moga2 kerajinan mengetaip tu adalah. Seathun dah berlalu harap2 tak lupa lagi.

Bagi hantaran, setelah berbincang dengan pihak suami,we decided to do 7 dulang berbalas 5. Maka bermulalah misi mencari dulang dan hiasan2 yang sepatutnya. 3 kedai most visited time mencari barang2 hiasan hantaran adalah seperti berikut sebab dulu duduk dekat cheras, so belakang rumah je and berdekatan ada satu kedai jual barang borong so I dengan mak selalu singgah beli coklat kat sana for doorgift, but tu nanti I share in next entry.
1) Fah Lean Floral Trading Sdn Bhd No. 2 & 2A, Jalan 1/3, Taman Industri Selesa Jaya 43300 Balakong, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : +603-896…

[FOOD REVIEW] Tony Roma's

Hi Food Lover!

Yesterday I went to Pavilion, KL to just do some window shopping as its already started YES (Year End Sales). However as we walk we felt hungry, HE felt hungry. I dont eat that much at night. As we walk thro the food court, we passed by Tony Roma's. He like jom? I stop and just walkin directly coz i remember last time i ate there, the service is so nice. It make u feel as u are eating at a 5 ✨ hotel.
Last time i ate rib which cost me RM60++ just for one meal. But the service is 👍🏼. They put napkin for you. Provide you wet tissue before you leave. Just felt so special.
So today i thought like hey i should do a simple review, maybe you always wanted to try but scare for some reason. So not to worry! Liyana is here!

This time no napkin, no wet tissue but what make me felt so "awwwwwh" i was busy being the typical blogger taking pictures of the food and suddenly the waiter came and rearranging the stuff at the table so it look clean and nice for a photo. He …