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{REVIEW} Travel easily with Makeup Brushes in a PU Vegan Leather Tube Canister Cylinder Case Holder

"Behind great art, there's a great person and great tools' or shall we say great makeup brushes?

Hello pretty awesome! Ingat tak post yg citer pasal travelling tu? Kalau korang perhati, mesti nampak yg bekas bulat tu.. Mesti korang tanpa segan silu cakap kejadahnye pompuan nie bawak pencil box g travel kan...Tapi korang salah...nie bukan brg kanak2 skola eh... Bace habis2 post nie baru tau dalam ad ap.. Too pretty to resist aight? I just had to play this brushes with my friends. Through experience being a bargain hunter, I noticed most super cute brushes packaging will only be attractive but not functional. Especially in terms of the brush quality and the handle being so fragile and ETC. Upon receiving this, I have not put high expectation for it to be great. Boy, I was wrong. It's pretty inside out! Came in the cutest Tube Canister,are this cute travel brushes. Before I talk about the brushes, I would love to brag about the canister. Available in four colors, the br…

{REVIEW} Sam's Picks; Real Techniques at Mesmerizeonline

Hello pretty awesome! Today would be another awesome brush review. Tried Cerro Qreen, CCM and now, it's Real Techniques.
I always wanted Real Techniques from Samantha Chapman for long time. And only now that I get to have one. All the beautician have been raving about this brushes. So I  just gotta have one. I bought at first from iHerbs but sadly, it never came until recently. But then I found a great website called Mesmerize.
This website is Malaysia based. Most items from US can be found here.ELF, MUA and more! I'll be sharing about it later. Before I went deeper on the brushes. Let me share with you, who's Samantha Chapman? Samantha Chapman, is a freelance makeup artist. She started a channel on Youtube called Pixiwoo. The channel has become more and more popular. She together with her sister started makeup courses and reviews until one day, she created another Youtube channel specially for Real Techniques brushes. A great brushes will go far. So there is the Real Tech…

{ANNOUNCEMENT} Winner for Natta Cosme Cerro Qreen Brush!

Hi girls! Remember this email?? 
"We apologized for the delay in announcing the winner. It was extremely hard for us to choose as we hate choosing winner. However, we got to do what we got to do. But we decided to keep the 2 winners of Cerro Qreen brushes a secret until they've been contacted by Natta Cosme. Surprise surprise.
There's more...since Natta Cosme wanted only 2 names for the winner, we feel bad for the others that didn't win so we decided to send a little token of appreciation our self. As we use our own money to provide this gift, it might just be small...but hope you'll love it. So if you're not winning, expect gift from us."
"some may already received their gift.for the winner, you will also received gift from us and by that gift mail, you will know that you're the winner....for every one that has received the gift, we really appreciate if you could take the time to upload a picture of it to our fb page…

{REVIEW} CCM Flat Top Foundation Brush (CCFT)

Hello pretty awesome! How's your day? Today is a pretty simple short post...just wanna share my thoughts on another brush of mine.
Before using Real Technique, I was stuck on using my hands for foundation application, as I was browsing through the net, I found this awesome brush sold in . As some of you might already know, the best criteria for foundation brush would be flat and made out of synthetic brush. Why flat and synthetic? Flat will make the foundation spread evenly and synthetic would enable more product to be pickup by the brush. Hence, this CCM Flat Top Foundation Brush (CCFT) is just it.
CCFT is  Short handle made exactly fit to Asian hand like mine. To be exact, CCFT is only 9.5cm long which is great for gripping and travel friendly because of it's size. The weight are not so heavy which ease your way to blending process to.
It does help in shorten my time in foundation application. With one swipe you can see that there would not be any…

Massive Brushes Haul & Beauty Online Shop Experiences Bad & Good

HELLO Beauties, Happy Friday!......TGIF,SO Let's cuci mata with a haul of mine...Yes, this month I went crazy with brushes...the story behind this is a long bear with me... I've been eyeing on Real Technique brushes for the longest time...Since, it cause quite a rave, it went into Malaysia market real quick...Sadly went it came in store, it would cost double the charges including tax. Even online shop charges inappropriate amount of price for brushes. I decided to search for the best price sold over the net and found one online shop that sells this brushes the cheapest. Sadly, the online shop only accept credit card which I clearly don't have. Having credit card will only makes me spend more n more. So one day, my wish is about to came true when a friend of mine offered combined shipping for online order.
I was so happy and agree to it...3 months had gone by, still no news from the company..So my friend decided to contact the company. They replied in a week and s…

{REVIEW} Cerro Qreen makeup brushes @NattaCosme +Marilyn Monroe inspired makeup tutorial.

Hello beauties! How's your day??Me? I'm sick...but I couldn't think of any other way to spend my sick day than to write up a post...Blogging is actually somehow a therapy..where you sit down and think properly what you write about...and after a long hours of picture editing, thinking, searching and typing, publishing would be so much more rewarding...'m excited to post this up...3 days ago, it was my birthday...and I'm so happy and feel loved that my sis bought me a Sephora Makeup Academy Palette which I will do a review soon! but today...Let me introduce you to a makeup brushes Cerro Qreen. This post are so much fun as I decided to do makeup on my sis using all the Cerro Qreen brushes. I always love makeup but didn't have the guts to do makeup on anyone else beside myself...even some of my friend do ask me to do their makeup...and I will always refused..However, I wanna challenge myself and hopefully I could be a part time makeup artist in the ne…