Part 2: XES Signature Exclusive preview at MISF 2014

Hello Pretty awesome! How's your day? I bet everyone is already having TGIF moment...How time flies....Last Friday, we had loads of fun in MISF...The main reason we're there is because of XES Signature Shoe preview. How obsess are you with shoes?  We are over obsess. Shoes and girls are just totally related.  Thanks to Sabrina from XES that invited us to the preview, we are over the moon that we get to feed our obsession.
Some may not know XES, Hence let us introduce you to XES. XES was established in 2002. We honestly not familiar with the brand at that time. However, I was told that XES has been well known ever since. In 2014, they revamped and introduced a new tagline, "Superior Comfort for Happy Feet", the new tagline is committed to creating happy feet by indicative of the warm and comfortable features. Aside from comfy shoes, we just love that the brand also take in count the price range which need to be affordable. So are you excited to know what kind of sho…

PART1: Day at the Malaysia International Shoe Festival (MISF) & Monopod (PICTURE OVERLOAD)

Hello pretty awesome! How's your day? I know i know, it's like cliche to talk about monopod since it's the hot new item people talk about..So I'm gonna and monopod ...Recently, we have been invited to Exclusive Preview of XES Signature in MISF. Because of this, we get to know the existence of MISF. Yes, we never knew MISF exist if it wasn't for the invitation.
As we came to know about, we had load of fun. Basically, MISF had been held annually, and 2014 was the 5th. MISF is Asia's hub for regional and international shoe professionals.It is the ultimate platform for showcasing the region's top talents, leading brands and biggest manufacturers. MISF was held on 27th to 30th March 2014 from 10.30am to 8.30pm. in Hall 2, PWTC, KL..It was quite small space but pretty awesome where every vendor have their own awesome showcase. This giant stiletto shoe with Swarosvski Crystal is 5-foot tall! Such a breathtaking piece. Although the venue is small, …