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{REVIEW} Painless hair removal system

Hello pretty awesome! How have you been? Hope everything's is A- ok^-^ Ok ok ok...tell me one we have something in common? As a girl or woman, being hairy is just wrong. We as female are expected to be neat, clean and hairless. I truly hate when it comes to being in pain for beauty. Moreover, the stigma that girls should be squeaky clean and hairless are so general. It should be expected for both gender okay. Not only girls have to suffer for beauty. Guys should be doing the same for girls. Most important, beauty shouldn't be painful. It's about being happy with what you are.
 And hair removing is always a painful process till I found this Sundepil for easy and effective hair removal. What makes Sundepil different from others hair removal is of course, you'll feel painless. Basically, Sundepil hair removal system does not use blade. You know how you'll get small cuts using blade? But not with Sundepil. However, it's as effective as the one with blade