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[OOTD]Thursday post suprise!

Hi peeps!

been thinking.... I thought, why not, right? 
Ohhh women with the thinking and the why not... Women will always be a women.
so let me get to the point, Okey this is still in planning, not confirmed but yaa
So I decide since i only post on Wednesday for stuff. I decide every Thursday is my ootd post. i know some with be saying, hey i can see your ugly ootd on your instagram. But hey! Thanks for following me on insta but hi i also wan to post it here because it my blog and thnkyou for stopping by and read my blog hope to see you again every Wednesday and Thursday 😊 
So here goes my first ootd for today;

My ootd is from; Shawls: RM10 shawl from downtown cheras blouse: RM40 insta shop @faithsisters_  Palazzo: RM47 insta shop @shirt_on_factory My everyday flat: cant recall how much from forever21 Oh my bag that is hiding behind me is from Aldo

Yup i don't spend much for my outfit. And i dont care about the brand. For me I rather want something that is beautiful than somethin…

Everyday Look i guess.

Hi peeps! Happy wednesday.

So today post will be a simple one, just felt like wanna share to you guyss my everyday kinna look. If you guys followed me on my instagram, you can see that i have this one look, my one and only look.(this is because i really sucks at makeup) but yaa wanna share my makeup routine. I will also list down to you guys the item 
For thise that not yet follw me at instagram, find me at @yanarusli or those that dont have instagram;
Here are my everyday look;

and yes my way of taking photo pon sama. =D

For those that used to full on makeup will be saying im not even wearing any makeup. 1st of all i really hope too. 2nd im not naturally beauty, i need beauty product to help me.
Here are my life-saver

you can see my last post i talked about these 2 product which i am super in love now. c20 help so much in repairing my skin and whitening my skin. and bio oil help in giving me that healthy looking skin whereby i really need it as my skin is very dry lately. i know i kn…