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Pinkboxcereal x Hermosa Limited Edition

Hi dolls!
ohh goshh! i am super excited to post this! If you followed pinkboxcereal, you know she uses Hermosa product in almost every of her video. make you just wanna buy one kn? So typically women i am, i got myself both Pinkboxceral x Hermosa Limited Edition Lip Cream in shade "hey, dolls!" and Cleansing Water that we all know she dear so much (coz she use it all the time).

We all know pinkboxcereal will start every post with "hey, dolls!". I personally think this is just too cute! and remind me of her every time i read this. so what so special about this lip cream? 1. it is Limited Edition! - we all love every thing that is limited. and it has :
- Hydrating - Conditioning - Contains Vitamin E - EXTRA Collagen - Long lasting - Full coverage - Matte Finishing - VANILLA FLAVOR - Smudge Proof
So like why not add another to the collection right?

and it smells like chocolate! legit Cadbury chocolate. but i don't know whether it is edible or not, obviously i won…

2017 Wish List to become a professional Blogger and maybe a youtuber?

Good Day!

For 2017, new year, new resolution, new me!
So for this year, my resolution is to be a professional blogger and maybe future youtuber?
Let see... what do I need to be a professional blogger? And future YouTuber maybe? A good quality pictures and video right? No more using your iPhone! Or stop using ur brother camera, he bought it not for you to use.. duhhhh.
5 Wish List for the 2017; 1.Sony A5000 Mirrorless Camera
Ofcoz it have to be mirrorless, coz im just like any normal girls, a selfie freak! 
2. Memory Card;
Every camera need memory card, but for my case, i need a lot of memory card. So.... duhhh
Next? Good lighting  make a good quality photos and videos right? Good quality equal to more reader and viewer! kn? kn? kn? Means I need a Light! 3. Ring Light
Let's check,  camera + memory ✔️ Lighting ✔️
Since i dont have my own photographer..........but OOTD post is a must means tripod is must! so.... 4.Tripod
Ootd post is compulsory so cool backgrounds is must have! Do…

{EVENT} Duta XES yang cute, gorgeous and awesome

Hello pretty awesome, I'm cutting the crap and get on with the event coverage. As you may all know, I'm a huge fan of XES simply because they're super duper comfy and affordable. And their premium XES Signature bag are just to die for..and yeay!! XES are just too kind that they give me for's really like a dream came true.. And if you think that's the dream...just think how awesome it is to be the ambassador. Thanks to lovely Sabrina whom always gorgeous and oh so friendly whenever I met her. I was invited by her to this private event introducing the latest Miss XES Elegant. I always love going to XES event cause you can't get better warmth welcome by any host like Sabrina had given. You'll always go home with a smile on your face with the door gift and extra special XES item. Held in one of their premium outlet GLENMARIE SHAH ALAM, SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN, on 19th September 2014
 They had introduce us to the one luckiest girl that was crown as Miss XES El…

{REVIEW} Shills, Love me, an inexperience kind of review.

Hello pretty awesome, this is quite embarrassing to share with, since I have no experience what so ever to review this product, I'm not even married so how could I? But fret not, I have friends to do it for me. This is the perks of working in medical line, you'll have limited boundaries in talking about the downside stuff.
Shills, Love me is actually a feminine tightening gel. Shills have came up with various product to enhance your bedtime action (this sound awkward coming from someone wit no experience). They even have skincare product and slimming. What attracts me to Shills is the packaging of course! So when Hishop offers this to blogger, I don't even bother to know what I'm reviewing and just said yes...padan muke kan... but ya, strictly being a professional blogger, I have to review this.
Now tell me if this isn't cute enough to sway to have this? It says on the the box that it's a Feminine  natural vaginal tightening gel, proven to reverse the loss of …

{REVIEW} Garden of Eden Natur E-mazing! Warning: Gross Pic ahead.

Hello beauties!! I'm soo excited to share today review because this product is something I can't even believe exist in this world..but I guess it does! Of course I'm not over exaggerating can get a laser treatment to vanish your scar...but can you get it below RM40?? I bet you can't!

Previously, I always though scars won't heal because I had few scars from my childhood year and it never fade away...same like our fragile heart, if it's scar, could i be healed? It might, but only with the power of Love...LOL. Do I sound like Shakespeare?

Introducing Garden of Eden
No...not this garden my's a perfect ugliness terminator...

Eden means God so Garden of Eden basically means Garden of God...and the beauty of this is that it literally does wonders! Thanks to for the opportunity to know this product a little bit intimately....
For my review today, I'll be bragging about Natur E Scar Serum.

It is basically A pure elixir of natural …

A mask G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y by Hishop!!!

Hello beauties! How's your Monday?? Please don't feel like having Monday positive of all your days and all the positive of it will come your way.. Today I'm so  happy to be hosting my first ever giveaway..Hopefully you girls came here to participate and if you win it, do share with me your experience on it because I love to hear feedback from you guys..

Before I get to the giveaway part...I would like to review the fantastic mask that I got and hopefully you'll get to try it as well! Lately I've been face masking every night since I bought mask that day'm not sure it's a good thing but I just love when you have a fresher face in the morning, I do see improvement on my face where it becomes smoother and brighter too...It's something amazing because I used to get a dry dull face in the morning but it changed a lot. So, I really really recommended for you girls to try out masking routin…