2017 Wish List to become a professional Blogger and maybe a youtuber?

Good Day!

For 2017, new year, new resolution, new me!

So for this year, my resolution is to be a professional blogger and maybe future youtuber?

Let see... what do I need to be a professional blogger? And future YouTuber maybe? A good quality pictures and video right? No more using your iPhone! Or stop using ur brother camera, he bought it not for you to use.. duhhhh.

5 Wish List for the 2017;

Ofcoz it have to be mirrorless, coz im just like any normal girls, a selfie freak! 

Every camera need memory card, but for my case, i need a lot of memory card. So.... duhhh

Next? Good lighting  make a good quality photos and videos right? Good quality equal to more reader and viewer! kn? kn? kn? Means I need a Light!

Let's check, 
camera + memory ✔️
Lighting ✔️

Since i dont have my own photographer..........but OOTD post is a must means tripod is must!

Ootd post is compulsory so cool backgrounds is must have! Dont u think so?

okey let's recall & calculate;

1.Sony A5000 Mirrorless Camera   (before discount:RM 1907.00) RM 1548.00

2. Memory Card                              (before discount:RM   355.00) RM   138.00
3. Ring Light                                   (before discount:RM   335.09) RM   258.52
4.Tripod                                           (before discount:RM     99.00) RM     49.00
5.Backdrop                                      (before discount:RM     47.44) RM     23.48

(before discount: RM2743.53) RM2,017
wow i can actually save up to RM726.53!

This is exactly why i always choose lazada to shop! Lazada never failed to offer the best price!

ohh did you know that now lazada having CNY Red Hot Sales?

oh they do! What are you looking for now? Stuff for home? New Phones? New clothes? I promised you Lazada have everything from A- Z! Better yet... now is on SALE! for CNY RED HOT SALES! 

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh money! I need you! or Hi Secret Admirer, please. now is on Sales taw? Please pretty please?

Need to work hard! I will make sure by the end of this year i will own this 5 things.  "By hook or by crook"


Till we meet again okey?



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