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{REVIEW} Discover Your Natural Inner Beauty with Chamos Acaci

Hello pretty awesome! Let's keep this short and simple but be sure to check out supermodel2u link cause you'll be amaze on how this beauty product works magically. If you've read the previous post, this is quite similar to it with the exception of being awesome in WHITENING.
This Korean made contains Galactomyces 100% Ferment Filtrate. Yes, if you have dry, sensitive, dark skin, how about trying this? After two weeks of usage, I find that this really helps.  I have develop a hideous invasion of pimples on my left cheek area after having my menses. My hormone are too active that it also activate the pimples growing. After 2 weeks of usage, I can't believe that it works although I didn't felt anything strange during the brightening process. Like I said before, it also act as brightening product. But it would take a little big longer to work for whitening.
I love the fact that 
it's small and easy to carry and also easy to applyIt's watery exactly like the fam…

Kiehl's Fun in the sun at Secret Garden, One Utama + Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil- free range

Hello Hello pretty awesome! I know I'm a bit late on this but I have to use time to test it out. However, let's skip that review part first because I'm dying to share my day. Remember my Kiehl's entry? How I said I love to try organic all natural product. Oh my oh my...that day was the best! Kiehl's together with The Butterfly Project always had something impressive to show off so they decide to do this Fun in the sun event somewhere magical called Secret Garden at One Utama. I never knew there's a garden on the roof of One Utama. It was so nice feeling back to nature with all the cactus and waterfall.You gotta admit that nowadays, it's pretty hot and humid. So this is the most right time for me to have my own Kiehl's gel cream. Like I mentioned, the skeleton has always been the mascot for Kiehl's. After the warm welcome from the gorgeous doctors of Kiehl's we are in for the time of our life of course! source
The representative of Kiehl's wa…

A mask G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y by Hishop!!!

Hello beauties! How's your Monday?? Please don't feel like having Monday positive of all your days and all the positive of it will come your way.. Today I'm so  happy to be hosting my first ever giveaway..Hopefully you girls came here to participate and if you win it, do share with me your experience on it because I love to hear feedback from you guys..

Before I get to the giveaway part...I would like to review the fantastic mask that I got and hopefully you'll get to try it as well! Lately I've been face masking every night since I bought mask that day'm not sure it's a good thing but I just love when you have a fresher face in the morning, I do see improvement on my face where it becomes smoother and brighter too...It's something amazing because I used to get a dry dull face in the morning but it changed a lot. So, I really really recommended for you girls to try out masking routin…

Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mini Mist Heart Bottle Edition & Bavipahat Strawberry Toxifying Mask.

Hello beautiful people.

Again, I'm going to do a product review of things I bought in I kept coming back shopping in as if I'm married to it. I just love the attention that they provide when you're buying products from them. Especially when they bubble wrapped your things and provide the cutest pink box ever. I've done several reviews from Hishop if you ever wanna check it out , just click on the TAG : Hishop.

PS: I'm going to be hosting a giveaway soon, all thanks to Do drop in again :) I'm sooooooo excited my-selves.

I bought two things only as I figured I wanted to buy something that I would use frequently and of course, it would BE a mist spray and a mask. Mist spray that I bought from is a little bit special because..
How can you resist the cuteness of the bottle? I've admitted several times,or many times indeed that I'm a sucker when it comes to cute things like this. Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mini Mist is a …