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getting ready for RAYA with Dermedics!

Hi peeps!
Last time I visited Dermedics usj to see for myself the fake product and i have post the "china product vs original product for Dermedics" for you guys to see too. If you haven't read that, CLICK here.
One of my friend, had tried it too and she said that her face become dry and take up to 2weeks to recover and now she just looking very flawless (stalk at instagram)
Since Raya coming up in 3weeks.... I thought why not right? So yesterday (1st June 2017), i came to visit Dermedics at Kuchai Lama to try on myself the best selling Mesowhite brightening serum by the one and only Dermedics Malaysia. 
What is actually Dermedics MESOWHITE brightening serum or what is it for actually?
MESOWHITE is a serum designed for safe and intensive skin whitening treatments. It is recommended for people with dark skin tones and also for reduction of the appearance of freckles and skin discoloration caused by acne and photo-aging (age spots).
Note; if you guys coming and try it out, Come …

Premier Clinic, 1st time going to aesthetic clinic

Good Day!
hi girls and boys, as promised i will shared with you guys my experience to Premier Clinic Puchong.
The Premier Clinic that i went is at Puchong Outlet( i will provide the address before i sign off). Premier Clinic actually have several outlet and have a lot of proven result. So with all the proven result i read, it get me more excited to go.

My doctor for the day is the beautiful Doctor Michelle Lai. The 1st thought when i see her is howw you skin iss pretty! So Jelly! just being a typical girl i am. The Doctor sees my skin, which is very dry and i have a lot of pimple scars, so she suggest me to get the Skin Peel Treatment. Actually i booked to get a whitening treatment (coz that is the only thing i know) but i am also open to suggestion coz i believe she knows her job.

What is actually Skin Peel Treatment?
Skin Peel treatment is also known as chemical peel. It is a treatment to remove the top layer of the skin naturally with a peeling solution, any dead skin cells will be …

{REVIEW} Snow White Milky Pack by Secret Key

Hello pretty awesome! Raise your hands if you're still looking for a whitening product. Well, then welcome on board. Frankly I'm scared of any whitening products because of unknown chemical contents and I've been talking about it on off. But today, here's a whitening product that gives you not one not two but FIVE FREE SYSTEM! It's  Free Mineral Oil, Free Phenoxy Ethanol, Free Benzopheno, Free Parabens and Free Pigment. You can bet that it's safe and effective so that you can become the Snow White you always wanted to be. Now, ignore my not so great drawing and focus on important stuff. Established in 2006, SecretKey has developed so many high quality products that are well know. One of it is this Snow White Milky Pack which contains Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide ( Vitamin B3) and Snail Extract that is important in whitening and moisturizing too. The packaging alone attracts me right away. Snow White Milky Pack is actually recommended for someone cheerless and …

flawless u'olls!

okey! i know it been ages since i post. but i know my sister has never keep u guys bored with her exciting life going on.  so my life has never been bored and busy with same-o same-o that is why i don't have the time to post. i have final exam is currently still going on. one more paper to go. pray for me.
okey beauty people! so for this post, i just remember that i never actually tell u guys what is actually "flawless set" rite? follow me on instagram: yanarusli. where i share all the testimony there.
what does flawless do?
Flawless skincare by gorgeous damias beauty

only Rm70 and FREE postage gets:
30g milk soap
20g day cream
30g night cream

milky soap :Shea butter,Olive oil,Aloe vera oil extract,Mulberry bark,Licorice,Aqua( water),Milk extract,Fragrance

the goodness of the soap :
Brighten and moisten skin.
get rid of dead cell in skin
help reduce aging line
balance skin Ph

Night cream :Tomato extract,Alpha arbutin,Chinese flower oil,Herb ,Coal,Extract milk and grape seed for whit…

Butterfly Project School X Natta Cosme Chapter:ONE

Hello beauties! I'm sooooooooo excited to do my homework today because I'm now part of a proud kindergarten kids of Butterfly Project School :) It's been a great journey so far as a beauty blogger! I always love all beauties and now I'm part of a fabulous community ;) I've always admire the founder of Butterfly Project! She's one super duper woman!
She always said she's a shy girl but passionate to share with others what she's out and about and viola! The Butterfly Project was born!

Enough about them, you can definitely click on the link to know more!
Moving on to the main agenda! The beautiful proud butterflies collaborate themselves with Natta Cosme to create this genius school for blogger...Oh my..It was my lucky day because I get to join in! Before this project, I already had reviewed Natta Cosme Products on my blog which you can click here&…