Butterfly Birthday Party x Jerlynn'L

Hello butterfly!

On 29 April 2017, we had the bestest time ever at The Deer. bonding with all the butterfly, food! and ofcoz we had so much fun learning about Jerlynn'L product.

Here an inside about Jerlynn'L product;

Jerlynn'L is inspired from a male Chidori bird that spends a lot of it time away from the family to search a safe place to build for it's family nest. The father wan the best for it's family. Like Jerlynn'L was created by a father that wanted the best for his family. He wanted to create something that can protect and provide daily care product for his precious children which he realise the best way to protect and care for his children was creating quality, customised child-safe and paraben free products. 

Jerlynn'L is suitable for all age group. It is actually a complete family product that is soft enough for the babies and rich enough for the adults. Jerlynn'L only uses natural ingredients which is paraben free, high grade essential oil and strict control of materials - from source to production.

Jerlynn'L had now launched its Signature Collection that can protect us from head to toe coz it contain 4x more ceramide 111 than any other product! Ceramide 111 helps to attract and retain moisture in the skin to improve skin elasticity

Why the yellow bottle has diff coloured label? 
it is actually for us and for the little one to remember which is which;
 Blue = body use.
Green = hair use.
Red = RED ALERT - need adult supervision when use.

This is definitely that one brand that fit all age group! = Saving!

I have tried it and I personally love Jerlynn'L products, the concept of 1 for all and the colour for the little one to know which is which. I will for sure used Jerlynn'L for my little one (in future, #prayforyana #togetmarry1st) 

In conjunction with mother's day, now you can purchase Mother's Day Limited Edition Gift Set which include;

  1. Signature Body Wash 500ml  - x1
  2. Signature Hair Wash 500ml - x1
  3. Daily Moisture Lotion 100ml - x1
  4. Hair Conditioner & Detangles 100ml - x1
  5. Aroma Stone Sachet - x2
  6. Sugar Can - x1
  7. Bread Case - x1
  8. Scarf  - x2

and get free membership and personalized photo album! ONLY for RM228 instead of RM715, it is available from 25th April 17 to 14th May 17 at Jerlynn'L Mid Valley Megamall and Jerlynn'L SkyAvenue Mall, Genting.

You can also enjoy 20% off with purchase of any normal price items and experience Hand Paraffin Treatment ( worth RM107 ) by showing "JerlynnL17" to any personal care consultant at Jerlynn'L outlet!

To find out more about Jerlynn'L, make sure to visit;


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