{EVENT & CONTEST} Prosperous day with XES

Hello! It's that time of year again where everyone celebrates days with 'Ang pows' and Mandarin orange...At least that's what significantly I notice every time it's Chinese New Year.

Wishing everyone a good day of course!
Last few days I was invited by the prettiest girl Sabrina to attend another XES event. I was always in when it comes to XES event cause they often throw the most amazing delightful event. And who wouldn't want to get their hand on cool looking bags and superb comfy shoes?
excited faces of me
And so, it happens to be in their new XES outlet again in Quill City Mall Malaysia.

I'm lucky to be a part of XES journey although just a tiny portion of it. They grew to be so much more trendy and well known worldwide. Moreover, happy that they represents Malaysia in a really good way.
Arriving, I was greet by this ink brush and wide spread paper where we all are required to leave mark to this memorable day. I think this resembles Chines culture but I don't know the history in depth though.

The food are always stunningly tempting and delicious. And then I just had to have my photos taken with the gorgeous Sabrina and Mico Pun( the ambassador of XES)

The decor was fantabulous as well, all the bloggers and media attended enjoyed having their photos taken. 
They also had this 'Lucky tree game'
I don't know what is it called. But basically Sabrina's sister explained it's like a Chinese tradition where you shake the bucket and let a chopstick out and read your luck or something. 

I don't particularly believe in superstitions luck palm read thingy but there's no harm in playing right?
It's so fun! and my assuming future prediction says that
" Your life will be happy and peaceful"
I do hope so.

They also had this whole makeover booth where everybody gets a free makeover from Sense and Style Beauty academy.

I didn't know that they're going to provide a makeover. If I knew, I would just wake up and just go to the event with my horrible naked face. However, I just ask the makeup artist to add lashes to makes my eyes pop. I think the makeup artist is actually a makeup student from the academy. Nevertheless they did great.
They also had
Hair styling demonstration for Chinese New Year look which goes great with cheongsam.

After all that, Sabrina announced that they're going to have a XES CNY Contest called 'Be Stylish with XES' where everyone attending the event will get a session of professional photograph modelling session and their photos will be uploaded on XES Facebook page for family and friends to vote (please vote me BTW) . Scroll down for more behind the scene photos!
They also had this 'Lou Sang" session or as they called it Yee sang or Prosperity Toss (I looked up on google) It's like a symbolic toss of everything goodness like raw salmon and I guess it's like a way where they wish a good year for Chinese culture.

We also lucky to be getting ang pows as sponsored by Fitness First Malaysia.
And so the days just begun, I was asked to also participate in the FB contest.

I would say it's an awkward moment for me. People would expect for me to be natural at this when honestly I'm a total opposite of natural.It's just hard for me to pose by myself and I'm truly amazed on how great some people are posing in front of the camera.But the job has to be done.
And so, I had to show off the image that I had and allow me to explain how it works.
If you're reading this, would really much appreciate if you could go to the page and vote me to
on the link

The Facebook contest ‘BE STYLISH WITH XES’ mechanics are as simple as:-
Step 01 : LIKE XES Shoes facebook https://www.facebook.com/xesshoes 
Step 02 : Tag your photo to your friends and family members
Step 03 : Get your friends to VOTE your photo by clicking LIKE 
(From February 17th – March 17th)
Step 04 : The Winner with The Most Likes will be contacted through email or phone, and will be officially announced and presented a prize on March 2015 in conjunction with XES Signature Exclusive Preview.

The Winner will walk away with RM 888.00 CASH, RM 1,388.00 worth of products and RM 1,888.00 worth of Products to be given away to the lucky 10 fans as a Reward Gift for the support.

This time I'm alone and not with my sister..So it's pretty odd. But I'm happy to have the opportunity to meet new friends. Nice to meet you girls and hopefully we meet again.
With Izzati editor magazine Baby and Mummy
With Blogger Kolin

Lastly, ahgain don't forget to vote me and visits

Till next time, Salam


  1. Hi! Nice event to attend to, complete with make over etc...wish I was there bcos i love festival & celebration like this one...Peace!

    1. Hi Azlee!it's totally nice event and fun! Are you a blogger as well?do leave you blog if you are...love to visit yours

    2. Hi Syafiqah, glad u replied :) yes, just started few weeks ago, it's not much but it would be great if u can come & visit! Cant wait for your next entry :)

  2. ok ok k lily vote untuk awak ye... all the best!!


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