Lajeune e Louge Shah Alam Branch Opening!

Good Day!

Hi Peeps!

So today is a really special day, coz i got the opportunity to share with you guys about 
Lajuene e Louge.

Before i go further, i wanna show you guys the place 1st;

The place is actually very relax and practically a really good place to lepak, talk and at the same time help you. HELP YOU! yes i said help you. How can lepak and talk actually help kn? wait ehh i share with u guys. 

for more privacy there also provide a VIP room; 

Can you see the machine? The machine is called E-Life.The little machine can actually help you. i have tried myself and honestly, this is the type of treatment that you can't feel it if you not focus nor see with your eyes but it actually help you. Coz im very curious too, i asked k! In the scientific logic is that this machine help to pump your blood using eon magnetic field(i think). My blogger friend tried with me, during the treatment, she suddenly feel abit dizzy as she can feel that her heart is pumping faster than usual. For me i felt just fine during the treatment but after the treatment suddenly i can feel abit dizzy, Adila (the CMO) came and asked me do i have low blood. i said yes sometimes, then she add another 15 minutes and once treatment done, i feel fine again. ohh during the treatment they give us to touch a light bulb that was not connected to anything laa obviously and the light bulb dim abit. but if they touch nothing happen. Means during the treatment there will be an electric n your body, but you won't feel anything until you touch someone that is doing his/her treatment, you will feel a bit of electric shock. They also gave us to touch a book during the treatment where his hand is at the bottom of the book, and i can feel a bit of vibration. You just have to try it yourself than only you understand. coz i didn't understand the 1st time coming there but i am so up to come again and see the result myself.

So here what this little machine can help in;
  • Relieve Pain/Aches
  • Promote Healing
  • Neutralize Acidified Blood
  • Improve Blood Circulation
  • Stimulate Nerve & Body System
  • Revitalize Cell
  • Beauty & Anti-aging
  • Provide Total Energy

Oh not to forget the machine is recognized by government authorities and international bodies, means the machine is well known and worry free.

Make sure to visit there Facebook Page and to know more!



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